Wistful Whiskers


Wistful Whiskers wouldn't even be active if not for the help of all our wonderful volunteers! Want to join the team? You can learn more and apply on our volunteering page!

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Fostering a pet is a great way to help out! It gives the cats a chance to adjust to a home while their "fur"ever home is being found. Our cats do so much better in a loving environment than in a shelter. If you have space and want to ex"purr"ience a furry friend then sign up to be a foster!


Joining events is a great way to meet the people behind the scenes as well as our furry friends! Attending events helps us out by spreading the news of what we do and can also be a lot of fun! Bring your friends and family to have fun and support a good cause!

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We appreciate your involvement!

      We love it when people in our communities step up and help out! These “paw”some people are what keeps us up and running as well as helping as many animals as we possibly can. 

      If you are looking to help out too, here are some ways you can make a difference. Thanks for being a “paw”some person as well!