Wistful Whiskers

Ready to help Wistful Whiskers?

      Because we are an all volunteer 501c3 non profit our funds come from people like you willing to donate even a small amount to help our cause. All of the proceeds go directly to the animals in our care and the needs they have. 

      Your generous donation doesn’t just cover the cost of food or litter but also medical expenses like health and dental. It also helps with microchipping, spaying and neutering. We do our best to cover all the needs of our kitties but there are times of the year where we have more animals than we can provide for. So we thank you for any help you can give from the bottom of our hearts. 

Other ways to donate!

Donations accepted at Wistfulwhiskers@gmail.com.




Your donations pay for veterinary bills, testing, vaccinations, spay or neuter, food, litter and supplies. Wistful Whiskers is an all volunteer 501c3.