Wistful Whiskers

We need your help!

      Wistful Whiskers is a 501c nonprofit “no kill” shelter that runs solely on donations, grants and volunteers. If not for the good hearted people in our community our animals wouldn’t receive the care they need. Learn more about how to donate and tax deductions on our donation page.

      Many of the animals in our care come from cases where their owner has passed on. They are just looking to live out the rest of their lives in a loving home. Many other kitties were surrendered to us or abandoned in the local area. Help us find the homes each of these wonderful kitties deserve! Thank you for your help to improve a loving cat’s life.

Ways you can help out today!

Adopt a Furry Friend

      Adopting a pet can be a wonderful change in your daily life but comes with a lot of responsibility. We always recommend taking the time to evaluate your life situation before undergoing a life change like this. You will be the sole caretaker of a new life that is dependent on you for their care. If this sounds like something you are interested in then the rewards from a new furry friend can be amazing!

      Let Wistful Whiskers help find you the “purr”fect pet to liven up your home so you can finally have what you never knew was missing from it. If you are unsure about an adoption you can try our Foster to Adopt Program for 2-3 weeks to see if a cat is right for your home.

Adoption Consultation Form

Foster to Adopt Form

Foster One of Our Kitties

      Keeping cats in a shelter is never our first choice. It may be a good way to get them in the public eye but we prefer to have them in a foster home. Fostering a cat has many benefits for the foster and the cat so we work hard to find volunteers to take them in their homes until we can find their “fur”ever home.

      Fostering a cat helps the kitty get a sense of being in a home. It helps them socialize and gain trust with a family so when they go for a trail adoption their chances of success are much higher. If you want to help one of our furry friends prepare to be place you can fill out our fostering form and begin changing the lives of our wonderful cats!

Become a Foster

Become a Volunteer

      Volunteers are the heart of our business! Without the kind hearted people in our communities we couldn’t do what we do for the animals in our care! Volunteers help out in many ways including at our in store locations and at events.

      If you are interested in making a difference is a cats life consider signing up to become a volunteer and help us find “fur”ever homes for our furry friends!


Make a Donation

      Wistful Whiskers is run completely off of donations and volunteers. We could not provide for the animals in our care without either. Any proceeds we receive go straight to our animals. They cover any medical expenses (in example: spay/neuter, dental, shots, etc) as well as microchips, supplies and other items they may need.

      Donations accepted at Wistfulwhiskers@gmail.com. We currently use PayPal, Zelle and Venmo. Because we are an all volunteer run 501c nonprofit your donations could be tax deductible. We do our best to cover all the needs of our kitties but there are times of the year where we have more animals than we can provide for. So we thank you for any help you can give from the bottom of our hearts.